Khao Sok National Park

The area of Khao Sok was also inhabited by cave dwelling tribes. Towards the end of the 18th century, when the Burmese attacked the settlement of Thalang in Phuket, the survivors fled north and ended settling in the rich, plentiful jungle of Khao Sok. The number of settlers there began to grow, drawn there by tales of bounty and happy life. Things were getting busy there when a horrible plague intervened, killing most of the residents and setting the development of Khao Sok back and indirectly protecting the forest from destruction. In the 70s, logging companies were destroying Thailand jungles very rapidly and were given free reign. At the same time, many young intellectuals had joined the communist party as a way of reforming Thailand and when things between the communists and the military were coming to a head, the young elites escaped into the jungles of Khao Sok where they were able to hide and protect themselves for 7 years. This more than anything, preserved the jungles that we can explore today. Now established as a national park, the danger of deforestation has passed and Khao Sok will remain protected and able to be enjoyed as the supreme nature and natural history site that it is.